Tuesday, February 4, 2014

AFC Policy Summit: Student Successes

Registration is open for the 2014 AFC Policy Summit! The annual conference brings together educational choice supporters to celebrate the success of school choice and discuss the future of the movement. One of the highlights of the summit is hearing from the students whose lives have been changed thanks to having educational options.

Denisha Werriweather at the 2013 summit spoke about her experience as a student in Florida and how the Step Up for Students Program helped her succeed.

Denisha moved around a lot as a child and attended many different public schools, leaving huge gaps in her education. Unfortunately, she had to repeat the 3rd grade twice because of the difficulty she had with certain concepts paired with her lackluster attitude towards school.

When she moved in with her godmother, Denisha had a new opportunity. Thanks to the Step Up for Students tax credit scholarship program, she could attend a private school in her area.

At her new school, Denisha’s attitude changed completely. Her teachers were able to take extra time to help her in areas where she struggled and there she developed a love for learning.

Denisha says that her school gave her a news perspective and a new way to look at herself. Today she is in college and hopes to further advance her education in pursuit of a doctorate degree.

Hear Denisha tell her story as a keynote speaker at the 2013 AFC Policy Summit:

Join us at the AFC Policy Summit this year to continue to help children succeed and support educational options for all. 

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