Tuesday, February 4, 2014

02.04.14 Daily News Clips – morning edition

Tweet of the morning
@redefinEDonline: "The state spends $ to educate children, not to fund public schools" - Lloyd Brown in @SSNAlerts #Sayfie #schoolchoice

American Federation for Children
Post Crescent: Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke gets $12,500 from Jim Doyle, wife

Vouchers – North Carolina
Daily Advance: Money for vouchers apart from school funding

Mt. Airy News: Voucher system puts education focus where it belongs — on students

Vouchers – Wisconsin
Journal-Sentinel: Why we need the special needs scholarship for our kids

School Choice
The Daily Campus: School choice could expand opportunity for poorest students

GPB News: Can Private School Tax Credits Be Expanded Without Harming Georgia's Public School Systems?

Charter Schools
The Republic: New charter-school push in Phoenix core

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