Monday, February 17, 2014

AFC Policy Summit: Keynote Speakers, Sen. Cory Booker

Educational choice is truly a bipartisan issue. Elected officials from both sides of the aisle come together at the Annual AFC National Policy Summit to share their experiences with school choice and why they are passionate about bringing educational options to every child.

One of the many politicians who have spoken at the Summit was Cory Booker. Then the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Booker addressed the urgency of the education crisis in our country and how the United States is rapidly falling behind other nations when it comes to education standards. The way to solve these problems is through educational choice. 

Booker explained how we cannot let children be put into a category of success just based on their ZIP code, which is exactly what is happening when children are stuck in failing public schools solely based on their address. He described how parents will do anything to give their children the best education possible, and commits to helping make it easier for parents to provide a great education for their children.

See Booker discuss how he was given opportunity in his live and why he believes that every child should be given the ability to reach their full potential academically through school choice:

The AFC National Policy Summit is the premier educational choice conference in the nation and invites elected officials, business leaders and school choice advocates to discuss the success of educational choice and the challenges the movement may face in the future. Registration for the summit is open! Join us and help support educational choice and ignite an education revolution. 

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