Wednesday, January 22, 2014

01.22.14 Daily News Clips - afternoon edition

Tweet of the afternoon
@andrewrcamp: I'm excited about our @schoolchoicewk Leadership Reception tonight in DC at Union Station, 6pm at the Columbus Club...stop in!

School Choice
EdWeek: Private School Vouchers On Lawmakers' Agendas in Some States

Newsmax: GOP Hopes School Choice Position Brings in Minorities

The Star-Ledger: N.J. lawmakers discuss school choice bills during education summit

TriCities: School choice foes are wrong

The Huffington Post: Expanding School Choice: An Education Revolution or Diversion?

Watchdog: Oregon foster advocacy group pushes school choice legislation

The Wire: Why Don't Republicans Want School Vouchers in Places Republicans Actually Live?

Charter Schools
The Chicago Tribune: CPS votes to open 7 more charter schools

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