Thursday, January 2, 2014

01.02.14 Daily News Clips - afternoon edition

Tweet of the afternoon
@HeartlandGR: Leslie Hiner from @edchoice sat with us to chat "States to Watch on ‪#SchoolChoice for 2014" ‪ 

Vouchers – Louisiana
Chicago Tribune: Why do the feds meddle with school choice?

School Choice Get involved in National School Choice Week (Opinion from Andrew Campanella) State enrollment 'targets' may keep some students from joining siblings at School Choice schools

News-Times: Study shows school choice is more than just test scores

Education Reform
Maciver Institute: Major Education Policy Reforms Loom as the Calendar Turns to 2014

Charter Schools
Insight News: High-quality charter schools eligible for expansion, replication grants

USA Today: De Blasio should embrace charter schools: Column

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