Tuesday, January 14, 2014

01.14.14 Daily News Clips - afternoon edition

Tweet of the afternoon
‪@educationgadflyIt’s time to move beyond “let-parents-vote-with-their-feet” accountability in #schoolchoice http://gadf.ly/1a4iU16  #ChoiceToolkit

American Federation for Children
WAFB-TV: Ann Duplessis on 9 News This Morning

KAYT-FM: Ann Duplessis on Eyes Wide Open with Tony Brown

LA Radio Network: Stephanie Malin talks scholarship enrollment (1:59)

Vouchers – Louisiana
WFTV: State voucher defense costs increasing by $750,000

NBC 33: Parents can now apply for their children to take part in Louisiana Scholarship Program

Education Reform
Wall Street Journal: NY education reform commission issues final report

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