Thursday, January 26, 2012

Washington, D.C. Celebrates School Choice Week!

What an important week for school choice! Seven days dedicated to promoting the successes - and outlining the goals of - the school choice movement across the country. Our team at AFC partnered with the Institute for Justice and the Fordham Institute to host “School Choice Now: The Results of 2011, the Promise of 2012.”
The event featured AFC founding board member Kevin P. Chavous, who provided an overview of how education reform is taking place across the country. Kevin also reminded guests that school choice provides opportunity to all children – regardless of their zip-code; an important fact to remember as we continue to fight for education reform across the country.
D.C. Parent Shelia Jackson

We also welcomed two very special parents whose children participate in the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. Mothers Patricia William and Shelia Jackson both provided a quick overview of the affects that a quality education had over their children’s life. Both women spoke to the gain in confidence their children experienced and the excitement they now have for going to college and excelling in their education. What a great way to celebrate the week – by hearing from the parents!

Finally, AFC National Communications Director Malcom Glenn gave a presentation that outlined many of the facts in the 2011-2012 National School Choice Yearbook. The event served as the official release of the Yearbook and the crowd was the first to see the new figures. The data and information in the Yearbook is perhaps the most comprehensive overview of the programs offered across the country. The Yearbook can be downloaded here. 

National School Choice Week was a great reason to bring together school choice allies and we’re so proud of the continued achievements of programs like the D.C.  Opportunity Scholarship Program. Today reminded us of why we’re so invested in this fight – it provides more families with the opportunity to see their children succeed!  

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