Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Idaho, The Numbers Don't Lie

While the polls on most people's minds right now have more to do with New Hampshire and South Carolina than anything else, we here at School Choice Now! won't be distracted by any presidential primary polls!

What does have our interest, however, is a set of new numbers from our friends at the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice. They just released a survey showing overwhelming support for school choice in another state that lacks any private choice programs. This time, it's the citizens of Idaho who are aiming to make their voices heard.

According to the report, which you can read more about here, over 2,000 interviews late last year show that more than 60 percent of Idaho voters favor the creation of a scholarship tax credit program in the state. In addition, nearly 70 percent of survey respondents support charter schools, with the number who "strongly favor" them  at more than four times the number who voiced strong opposition.

But that's not all. Take a look at this excerpt from the Friedman Foundation's press release today:
Many Idahoans do not know how much tax money is spent on public education in their state. Nearly one out of three voters dramatically underestimate per-student funding in public schools.
 Nearly half (49 percent) of Idahoans are unfamiliar with virtual schools and almost as many (43 percent) would be willing to enroll their child in such a program. 
These facts reveal that there's perhaps even more support to be had in Idaho, as our allies work to educate residents on the benefits of school choice.

It makes clear the importance of spreading the word far and wide, showing people the positive data that comes about as a result of school choice programs, and letting them know that they have a say in the educational futures of the children in their state.

Looking for ways to get more involved? Send a message to your legislator telling them that, like the good people of Idaho, you're tired of waiting for systemwide change that's been promised for years. We can't afford to wait, and neither can our kids.

- American Federation for Children | Alliance for School, MAG

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