Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Governors Feature Education Reform in State of the State Addresses

Tis the season! And by season we mean it’s that time of year when governors from across the country present their State of the State addresses. Year after year, these remarks always include the obligatory statements on what improvements should be made, how certain policies have been enacted, and of course, the goals for the next twelve months. 

This year, however, we’ve noticed something new creeping into the rhetoric of our nation’s executive leaders: an education reform plan. That’s right – so far sixteen governors have presented their outline for 2012 – and we’re pleased with what they have to say!

All across the country – from Arizona to Indiana – the sparks created for school choice in 2011 have created a fire in our national leaders. And they’re not afraid to take bold steps in the fight to reform America’s education system by providing more choice to parents and more opportunities to students.

Here are a few highlights from some of the recent State of the State addresses:

Our state is a leader in allowing parents to choose a school that best meets their children’s needs.” – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
If we continue to create a culture of excellence in our schools, Florida will merit a full chapter in that history that describes the reawakening of a mighty, prosperous nation. We can do this. And, we begin to do this by building on the successes of last session when we increased school choices for Florida’s parents.” – Florida Governor Rick Scott
“To spur innovation, I am recommending $8.7 million in supplemental grants in both the Amended budget and next year’s budget for state chartered special schools affected by the Georgia Supreme Court ruling on charter schools. These schools are key to Georgia’s educational success.” – Georgia Governor Nathan Deal
 “…Others are following Indiana. It’s our new commitment to rewarding the best teachers, liberating principals and superintendents, and providing low- and middle-income parents the same choices as their wealthier neighbors; and that’s what has caught the world’s attention.” – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels
"In America, you do not have a right to have everything your neighbor has, you do not have a right to a big house or a fancy car and you do not have a right to redistribute your neighbor's wealth. But I would suggest that we long ago decided that every kid does have a right to a quality education from an excellent teacher. And by getting a good education, kids then do have the opportunity to pursue their dreams."  – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal 

We are so pleased to see these school choice champions stand in front of their state leadership and declare that 2012 will be another successful year for families. Understanding that these Governors have a lot of priorities, we hope you’ll join us in giving them praise for giving education reform a platform in their 2012 State of the State addresses.

Stay tuned for more updates on State of the State addresses from other governors. 

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