Monday, April 28, 2014

04.28.14 Daily News Clips - afternoon edition

Tweet of the afternoon
@redefinEDonline: #Schoolchoice mom, her son now studying to be a teacher, asks why the controversy? ‪  #edreform #edpolitics

Florida School Choice
Sunshine State News: Education Advocacy Group Supports Compromise on Vouchers

The Gainesville Sun: Frederic Lussky: Education shouldn't be one sided

Tampa Bay Times: Are Florida vouchers good or bad for English-language learners? The sides take shape

Louisiana School Choice
Talk 107.3: Ann Duplessis discusses results of Parental Satisfaction Survey (Audio clip)

WGNO-TV’s “The 411”: 2014 Parent Satisfaction Survey/Ann Duplessis/Louisiana Federation for Children (The 411) (Video Clip)

Ohio School Choice
WCBE: State Keeps Increasing Size Of One Voucher Program, Though All Vouchers Have Never Been Claimed

Wisconsin School Choice
Watchdog: DOJ probe into WI School Choice ‘another massive power grab’ by feds

School Choice
Acton: Why Resegregation Happens—And How School Choice Can Fix It

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