Thursday, April 17, 2014

04.17.14 Daily News Clips – morning edition

Tweet of the morning
@RebeccaSibilia: Indeed! RT @ericlerum: Now this is interesting. @SenWarren thinks public ed system needs a shock. #schoolchoice

American Federation for Children
Ariz. Legislature passes bill allowing small businesses to provide scholarships for low-income children

Arizona School Choice
Wall Street Journal: Schooling on a 'Debit Card'

Capitol Times: Department of Education says ESA spreadsheet contained errors

Associated Press: Arizona Senate approves expanded school vouchers

WRAL: Arizona Senate approves expanded school vouchers

Taunton Daily Gazette: Arizona voucher program picks up steam

Arizona Daily Star: Senate agrees to expand Arizona's private-school tuition program

Mohave Valley Daily News: Senate approves expanding school vouchers

Louisiana School Choice
Associated Press: Notes from the La. Legislature's regular session

Charter School News
Arizona Daily Star: TUSD creates charter school despite state funding cutoff

The Advertiser: Bill limits BESE authority to OK charter schools

Salon: “A self-fulfilling conflict of interest”: Charter schools, testing mania, and Arne Duncan

NBC News: Shared Space at Heart of New York's Heated Charter School Debate

USA Today: Let public charter schools succeed

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