Wednesday, April 9, 2014

04.09.14 Daily News Clips - afternoon edition

Tweet of the afternoon
‪@SchoolChoiceOH: #Columbus mom: “I did not finish school & I want my kids to have the best in life” #schoolchoice #Parents ALWAYS want better for their kids

Vouchers – Florida
Associated Press: Fla. House rejects proposal to require students using vouchers to take public school tests

Orlando Sentinel: House cuts the 'expansion' out of voucher expansion

Tampa Bay Times: Sides line up for Florida House voucher battle

Vouchers – Louisiana
New Orleans Advocate: Court: Justice Department can review school vouchers

Donaldsonville Chief: Gov. Jindal: Ruling in DOJ Suit is a Win for Louisiana

Vouchers – Ohio
Lancaster Eagle Gazette: Voucher kids to face reading rules

Vouchers – Tennessee
Times Free Press: Gov. Bill Haslam's school voucher bill heads to Tennessee Senate floor

School Choice
Heartland: Kansas to Join Choice States

Charter Schools
Columbus Dispatch: Bills would mandate open records for charter schools

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