Friday, August 16, 2013

The Thirteen Most Impactful #EdReform Twitter Feeds of 2013

By Kevin P. Chavous

Earlier this week you read my reaction to the list of “top” education policy Twitter feeds released by Fordham Institute’s Michael J. Petrilli. Michael based his list on Klout scores, and as a result the list was absent many ed reformers who have actually made an impact in the lives of countless children.

As a result, I asked, and you responded, by nominating a terrific list of education reform leaders who deserve to be recognized, not by their Klout scores, nor their number of followers, or Tweets, but by their impact in changing the education paradigm and ensuring families have better educational choices.

Here is your list of the Thirteen Most Impactful #EdReform Twitter Feeds of 2013. No algorithms – just your opinions. If you are interested in kids receiving quality educational options and believe that are approach to education reform have more of a sense of urgency attached to it, please follow these folks.

Thanks to all who responded! Now let's get back to work. As Howard Fuller says, "the struggle continues."

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