Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Break the chains

Speakers at the #EdRevolution's opening luncheon were bold and clear: educational choice is the way of the future.

Student Nydia Salazar described the transformational power of choice in her own life, detailing the battle she and her mom won when they found access to school choice after they left Peru to find a better life in Arizona. Now, Nydia is planning to become a surgeon and her future is bright, thanks to the option to attend the school that best fit her additional need through Arizona's tax credit scholarship program. Said Nydia:

"St. Mary's is a private school where the curriculum is a priority. This is the greatest opportunity I've had."

Keynote speaker Dr. Steve Perry did not mince words when he made it loud and clear that Nydia isn't alone or even part of a small group of students who want access to choice. Parents across the nation are demanding access to high-quality educational options.

"There are more children choosing out of [public] schools than  choosing in. There are more than a million children on waiting lists [for choice options]," Perry said as he detailed the 4,200 child waiting list at Capitol Prep in Hartford, a school which he said has not printed a marketing brochure in five years.

"At the end of the day, we all lose out when we don't have school choice. A child should not have to choose from among bad schools," said Perry. "We need to stand up and break the chains that are being put on our children's lives. We need to fight for school choice as if every single child was your own."

Attendees took to twitter to echo the resounding message of the power and the need for choice.




You can join the revolution too by using the hashtag #EdRevolution on Twitter or by watching the live stream at www.afcpolicysummit.com.

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