Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Digital Learning and the #EdRevolution

As our world continues to become increasingly technically savvy, the opportunities for schools to integrate digital learning are limitless, according to the panel of experts in the Digital Learning and the #EdRevolution breakout session.  


Panelists emphasized the importance of tailoring a child's education plan to match the pace at which they learn. As panelist Rick Ogston noted, choice schools have a priceless opportunity to "choreograph the data and lessons to a student's needs."

They focused on blended learning, when online materials can supplement classroom learning. In a world where a vast amount of technology and information is at our fingertips almost everywhere, the traditional means of education is nearly outdated, panelists said.

As an example, the way in which music consumption has morphed from records to cassette tapes to CDs to smartphone usage reflects the changing needs of today's students, and our education system should adapt to the ways in which today's children learn. As Derrell Bradford, panelist moderator noted, too many students across the country are stuck getting their education at the "record store" level.

"Education is a system and meant for adults, while learning is for kids," said panelist Gisele Huff. The whole idea behind integrating technology further into classrooms is to enhance learning even more for our children. 

Part of the #EdRevolution is adjusting our methods of teaching so we can break down the antiquated system and meet students on their level.

What a great discussion and way to kick off our panel discussions at the 2014 policy summit.

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