Monday, March 31, 2014

03.31.14 Daily News Clips – morning edition

Tweet of the morning
‪@WhitneyNeal: Great job by @kevinpchavous on @FBNStossel standing up for #schoolchoice and kids.

Vouchers – Florida
Sunshine State News: New House Voucher Bill Moving

Associated Press: Fla. House pushing big voucher expansion

Watchdog: FL again takes up school-choice bill

Vouches – Tennessee
The Tennessean: School vouchers put kids’ needs first

Vouchers – Wisconsin
Sheboygan Press: Vouchers debated again

School Choice
The Des Moines Register: School choice is the issue of our time

Arizona Daily Sun: Funding private school choice leaves questions

The Courier: Senate 16 candidates give views on educational funding

Education Reform
Gazette Extra: Tim Cullen: State lawmakers could do more to help public schools help needy children

Charter Schools
New York Post: Cuomo hailed as education hero after charter save

The Wall Street Journal: The Charter School Performance Breakout

New York Daily News: City's thriving charter schools find success with closer attention to individual kids, high expectations of students

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