Friday, March 28, 2014

03.28.14 Daily News Clips – morning edition

Tweet of the morning
@Wilson3211: This charter school fight is ridiculous. Why mess with something that is working, and the kids love it there! @FBNStossel #GovtBullies

America Federation for Children
Kevin Chavous on Stossel regarding Mayor de Blasio's war on charters

Vouchers – North Carolina
Citizen-Times: ‘Opportunity Scholarships’ no boon for the poor

Education Reform
Staten Island Advance: Schools panel chairman calls for equitable funding to end 'Zip Code education' in city schools

Charter Schools
New York Daily News: State leaders reach deal on charter school reforms

WKMS: Kentucky Senate Once Again Tries For Charter Schools

The Advocate: Organizer: BR charter schools must be excellent or risk losing public support

WBUR: When It Comes To Charter Schools, What's The Matter With Massachusetts?

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