Monday, December 2, 2013

12.2.13 Daily News Clips

Tweet of the Morning
@MeganWhittemore RT @WSJ Editorial: Louisiana Voucher Assault, Round 2  #schoolchoice

Alliance for School Choice

Vouchers – Louisiana

The Wall Street Journal: Louisiana Voucher Assault, Round 2

Associated Press: Many Louisiana students used vouchers at failing schools

The Advocate: Our Views: Different wings of school choice

School Choice

Utah Policy: Next Steps for Choice and Accountability in Public Education

Watchdog: School choice proponents’ challenge? Educating parents

Michigan Capitol Confidential: Results — Not Dollars Spent — Matter For Parents Choosing Schools For Their Students

Education Reform

Douglas County Sentinel: MAKING THE GRADE? Ga. Parents Alliance uses education votes to grade local legislators

Charter Schools

Watchdog: Cuts proposed for cyber charter schools

Maclver Institute: Proposed Bill would Use State Report Cards to Hold All Schools Accountable

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