Friday, September 14, 2012

In Louisiana, Voucher School Says It's "Up to the Challenge" of Improving Student Performance

Just yesterday we told you that nearly 5,000 students have enrolled in Louisiana's newly-expanded voucher program. Today, check out this great video on the experience of one school participating in the program:

Hosanna Christian Academy is educating 283 students participating in the voucher program.  The school hired 22 new teachers to teach the nearly 600 students who attend the school.
"I love new students," said Zanetta Trahan, an American History teacher at the school. "I love the opportunity to teach new students. I see them all as potential scholars."
Principal Josh LeSage has for months been excited for the school year to start, in part because of Hosanna's ability to participate in the program. He'll also soon be taking part in a state education panel on the program, where he intends to recommend that greater preference be given to siblings of current students.
Though LeSage notes that many of the voucher students are two or three grade level behind, the school is up to the challenge. 
“I always feel good to be a part of an effort that says you know what these kids can grow and learn and grow and achieve as well," he said. "They're parents' pocket book doesn't really matter."

- American Federation for Children | Alliance for School Choice, MSG

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