Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School in Louisiana: A Legal Discussion on Vouchers

Check out this great discussion on Louisiana’s expanded voucher program in the special Back-to-School edition of The Legal Round Table, where host Shenequa Grey speaks to Eric Lewis of the Black Alliance for Educational Options and Steve Monaghan of the Louisiana Federation for Teachers on the newly expanded voucher program and the lawsuit brought on by several special interest groups.  Grey then interviews Brian Blackwell, who sent the now infamous letter that threatened private schools participating in the newly-expanded program on behalf of the Louisiana Association of Educators.

Scroll to 10 minutes to watch the beginning of the discussion between Lewis and Blackwell.

- American Federation for Children | Alliance for School Choice, MSG


  1. Vouchers are like heroin to private schools. Initially they will get a big lift from the increased funding, but then the government strings, that turn into iron addiction bands, begin to wrap around them. Eventually these requirements (like Common Core) turn them into public schools with a private owner.

    The vicious part of this is that once SOME private schools begin to get a voucher, the others will go out of business unless they take them too. Pretty soon those who want to remain free from government interference face the choice of dying a slow death as enrollment declines from higher costs or taking the voucher that produces the addiction to government.

    It isn't vouchers that will bring freedom. It's deregulation - getting government OUT of education. See http://www.smallerschools.org/research.php?ref=deregulation-of-public-education.

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