Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PA Senate to Vote on School Choice Bill Tomorrow; Contact Your Legislators!

We have some good news out of Pennsylvania today; the Senate Education Committee passed an amendment to Senate Bill 1 that includes the provisions that Gov. Tom Corbett outlined earlier this month.

It was a 9-2 vote, with bipartisan support in favor of the measure's passage. The amendment, just like Senate Bill 1 itself, was sponsored by Sens. Jeffrey Piccola (R) and Anthony Williams (D), the bipartisan tandem that has led the school choice fight in the Pennsylvania legislature. The amendment calls for, among other things, the creation of a failing schools voucher program and an expansion of the existing Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program.

We wrote about the developments earlier today, specifically calling on the full Senate to vote in favor of the plan when it's scheduled to go before the chamber. Here's what our chairman, Betsy DeVos, had to say:
Under these provisions, kids who are in the most difficult educational environments will finally have the opportunity to prosper that every child deserves. That is why it is of paramount importance to thousands of struggling Pennsylvania students that the State Senate passes the amendment to Senate Bill 1. We applaud Sens. Williams and Piccola for their efforts, and urge their colleagues to follow their lead.
But our words of encouragement aren't enough to get the legislation passed. To make sure that happens, we need the involvement of everyone, including you.

Our friends at Students First PA are mobilizing citizens across the Keystone State to let their elected officials know how important school choice is to their communities. They're reminding people to tell the Senate that children in failing schools have waited far too long—it's time to give them hope now.

Their action alert below shows you how you can make your voice heard:


The state Senate is getting ready to vote on legislation that would create a voucher program for our children, as well as expand public charter schools!

We need to act now!

Call the state senators below and tell them to support this legislation, which is called “SENATE BILL 1.” Senate Bill 1 holds tremendous potential to help our children out of failing and dangerous schools. Call or email these senators and tell them your children are counting on them to vote in favor of Senate Bill 1!

Call these senators now and tell them to vote for Senate Bill 1!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Earll
John Gordner
Gene Yaw
Elder Vogel
Michael J. Stack
Shirley M. Kitchen
Lawrence M. Farnese Jr.
Lisa Boscola
John Yudichak
It's that simple. If you live in Pennsylvania, call and email your elected officials to make sure you get your point across. Even anti-choice legislators know that, if the support is strong enough, they have to do the will of their constituents. Let them know just how strong our support is.

And if you needed a reminder as to how important school choice in Pennsylvania is, just take a look at this inspiring Philadelphia student who found her way to college thanks to her educational options. Or recall the heartwarming story of the six-year-old who used to attend class in fear but this week began his first day at a school where he feels safe.

Remember what Gov. Corbett said when he introduced these plans. Watch below if you need a refresher:

- American Federation for Children | Alliance for School Choice, MAG

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