Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Highlighting the Important Need for Effective Implementation

One of the most important components in constructing the most useful and well-run school choice programs around the country is implementation—ensuring that, once programs become law, scholarships are granted to the students who need them, monies are spent wisely, and parents are kept aware of all the options at their disposal.

Among the foremost organizations charged with carrying out these duties is the Alliance for School Choice, where their efforts, along with the likes of School Choice Indiana, were instrumental in helping that state's new voucher program enroll nearly 4,000 students in a shortened signup period—making it the most successful first-year voucher program in history.

But sometimes we come across news reports that have us asking: how many people could have benefited from a Choice Scholarship this year that didn't even know they existed?

And while we tried our best to spread the word, too (posts about school choice in Indiana, Schools Superintendent Tony Bennett, and Gov. Mitch Daniels were some of our most widely-read), a recent report from a CBS affiliate about the Indiana program comes with the realization that there are still folks out there just learning about it.

It solidifies the fact that we must continue spreading the word about school choice, communicating deadlines to parents, and ensuring that information is widely available in order to make sure supply does not end while demand persists.

You can watch the full report in question below.

- American Federation for Children | Alliance for School Choice, MAG

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