Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't Understand the Stakes in Education Reform? It's About Changing the World

Yesterday we told you how AFC board member Kevin P. Chavous often finds the perfect rhetorical messages that encapsulate the importance and urgency of bringing school choice to low-income kids around the country.

Today, we'll show you.

In a collection of his greatest hits, watch as the former D.C. Councilman and board chair of both the Black Alliance for Educational Options and Democrats for Education Reform speaks to the masses about the importance of school choice and education reform. We hate to ruin the ending, but the quote at the video's conclusion sums things up perfectly:
If we can eliminate the sense of impossibility and helplessness from the lives of these children we will change the world.
If you do just one thing today, watch this video, and be sure to pay attention to what he says (just as long as you don't pay attention to his evolving facial hair over the years!).

- American Federation for Children | Alliance for School Choice, MAG

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  1. I can only hope that how Stossel acts incredulous is an act and not true blindness to the obvious.

    I concur with Chavous.

    People are terribly complacent and accepting of an educational system they ought to be disgusted with for its lack of productivity in graduating well educated adults.

    The business of education entered into its exit stage years ago. Now, it's clearly a denied exit stage.

    I will upload a PowerPoint discussing this explicitly in the very near future because this is something that will simplify the issues for many people, and it's a powerful understanding to have in sorting out some of the confusing aspects surrounding educational change.

    How can one ever say enough about people of like minds gathering our forces for collaborative and progressive changes.

    Trying to make a paradigm shift as a group of independent islands seems quite inefficient to me.

    Anyone else catching the wisdom of collaborating and co-crating?

    AKRNA is open to hosting and playing a proactive role is such a meeting of the minds.

    AKRNA is reachable at

    All to Love
    Sharon Quinn
    Co-founder & Education Strategist