Monday, May 20, 2013

The Power of Choice

Right now, today.  Go big, and go bold.  That was the appeal from the AFC’s executive counsel, Kevin P. Chavous, during lunch at the 2013 AFC National Policy Summit.  Chavous praised victories across the country, where five educational choice programs have been created since last year, and five have been expanded during the same time period.

“People know by now we know how to fight, and fight we will,” Chavous said.One D.C. mother who knows better than anyone about fighting for a quality education is Sheila Jackson, who also addressed the crowd at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center in Maryland.  Her daughter, Shawnee, struggled in her old school until fourth grade.

“She was intimidated by math.  [The school] didn’t want to do anything with me to help my daughter.  One of her former teachers informed me of the Opportunity Scholarship Program.  She was given a tutor to bring her up in math, and now math is her strong subject,” Jackson said.  “I will continue to advocate for this program even after Shawnee graduates out, because I believe every child deserves to be in an environment that works for them.”

As a testament to the power of Jackson’s ability to choose the education that best fit her daughter, Shawnee just graduated as valedictorian from her high school!  She is now headed to college at St. Augustine University, and Chavous calls her story a testament to the power of overcoming the status quo.

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