Friday, February 8, 2013

Putting Power in the Hands of Parents

Parent choice was the topic of conversation this week as Fox news analyst Juan Williams joined “The Jerry Bader Show” on WTAQ 1360AM in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“This is really about kids,” said Williams. “This is about making sure the best education possible is available to our kids, no matter where they’re born, no matter who they are, no matter if they come from a single parent family. We as Americans need to do a better job of focusing on what goes on in terms of educating our children because we are falling behind in competition with other countries,” continued Williams. 

“It’s a global economy and our kids have to be prepared if we want to be the best.”

Williams talks about taking the politics out of education.  He said the focus needs to be placed on students and achieving success in the classroom, not on “maintaining the status quo of bad schools.”

Williams was the keynote speaker at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation's Academy Series on School Choice in Green Bay on February 7th.

- American Federation for Children | Alliance for School Choice, KMS

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