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Top Ten Reasons to Attend the AFC 2012 National Policy Summit

With our annual National Policy Summit beginning next week, we thought we'd give you a rundown of why we're so excited to be heading up to Jersey City next Thursday and Friday. And while David Letterman is the king of the Top 10 list, we've decided to borrow a page from his book by giving you the Top 10 reasons you should join us at the Summit.

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10: Juan Williams

He’s worked for The Washington Post, NPR, and now Fox News and he’s personally interviewed every U.S. president since President Ronald Reagan.  Juan Williams is not only one the nation’s leading journalists and political commentators, but he’s a huge supporter of school choice.  Calling school choice, ‘the civil rights issue of our time,’ we’re excited to hear what Williams has to say at our summit!

9: Jersey City

Only minutes away from New York City, Jersey City could soon be providing educational opportunities to students from low-income families and who attend the state’s worst performing public schools.  What better place to talk school choice than a city fighting to get school choice options.

8: Research

The research on school choice shows that these programs help children achieve a great education.  The AFC Policy Summit brings the nation’s premiere experts on school choice to talk about their recent findings.  Research facts on school choice will help advocates, elected officials, and supporters fight to enact and expand school choice programs across the nation.

7: John T. Walton Champion for School Choice Award

The Alliance for School Choice will present the John T. Walton Award for School Choice, an annual award for a leader in the school choice movement.  Named after the late John T. Walton, a committed philanthropist and advocate for education reform, this year’s winner exemplifies everything the award stands for, but you’ll have to come see who the winner is yourself!

6: Voices of Determination

The new book by Kevin P. Chavous, senior advisor to the American Federation for Children, chronicles the stories of ten children who have overcome adversities to get an education that transformed their lives.   Chavous will be signing copies of his new book at the Summit—a perfect fit.

5: Other reformers like you!

In between speeches from our keynotes (keep reading below to see who will be speaking) and informative panel sessions, a reception is planned to enable school choice advocates and all our guests to speak with one another on school choice progress across the nation.  After all, progress in one state is a breakthrough victory of everyone.

4: Newark Mayor Cory Booker

Democratic Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a strong supporter of the Opportunity Scholarship Act in New Jersey, will be giving a keynote address on how school choice programs transform the lives of students from low-income families.  And maybe he’ll give us some insight on his heroic fire rescue.

3: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will once again renew his commitment not only to an education reform package in the Garden State, but also the major piece of legislation that Christie has called for to be passed this year:  the Opportunity Scholarship Act.  And maybe Christie will let us know his future plans—and if a future run for president is in his sights.

2: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Hot off of signing an historic statewide voucher program into law, Governor Bobby Jindal will be heading to the Garden State to celebrate what is a breakthrough victory for hundreds of thousands of Bayou students. 

1: Children across the Country

The most important reason to attend the AFC Summit is the children that benefit from these programs.  We’ll talk about the research data, accountability standards, significant victories, but we’ll also talk about how we can help thousands more children access the education of their parents’ choice.  Because that’s what all education reform is about.

Don’t forget to register for the AFC National Policy Summit, which will be held Thursday, May 3 and Friday May 4 at the Westin Jersey City Newport in Jersey City, NJ. The Summit is open to the public via registration. For more information or to register to attend the Summit, please visit

- American Federation for Children | Alliance for School Choice, MSG

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