Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Right Now In Georgia: Award-Winning Singer Marvin Sapp Discusses Education Reform

We'll have much more to bring you from the event tomorrow, but right now, we wanted to give you a sneak peak at the full recap we'll be providing tomorrow on a special even we're co-hosting starring legendary gospel singer Marvin Sapp. The full details can be found here, but read below for some perspective on why we're so excited about the event, courtesy our own David Morgan:
You have to have a great messenger when you’re trying to do something radically different. 
Education impacts us all. When you have a well-educated society, that’s just a win-win for everybody involved…We want to make sure that children and families have every opportunity available to get a good education and are not deprived due to geography or income. 
I believe in strong public education and I also believe that families should have options. That makes a huge difference.
We'll bring you a full update of all the songs and important discussion tomorrow, so stay tuned to this space to  get the full recap.

- American Federation for Children | Alliance for School Choice, MAG 

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