Friday, September 30, 2011

Take a Look at the New and Improved Alliance For School Choice Website!

If you're reading this, we take you to be at least mildly web-saavy. And if that's the case, then you'll be happy to hear the following news: our partner organization, the Alliance for School Choice, has launched a new website!
The brand-new homepage for the website of the Alliance for School Choice.
Folks who had the old address bookmarked need not worry—they're still located at the same address, at But among the features included on the new site, besides a brand-new, much sleeker look and feel (as well as access to the Alliance's award-winning 2010-11 School Choice Yearbook) is some stuff we think you'll like.

They will now have constant news updates, frequently-refreshed information on Alliance work around the country, up-to-date info about current school choice programs across America, and what parents need to know about programs and how they can get their children involved.

And if you've ever wanted to see the faces of the the parents and students who benefit from school choice, you can do that at, too. There are also testimonials from elected officials and other stakeholders. Check out the rotating images on the homepage or click here to listen to folks explain in their own words what school choice has meant to them.

A few more interesting nuggets:
  • The site features Alliance fact sheets that explain how school choice has raised achievement and parent satisfaction across the country, as well as guidance on how programs actually save states money. 
  • The Alliance shares its philosophy about program quality and the fundamental importance of having strong accountability measures in place to ensure the success and sustainability of programs, also providing visitors with a sense of  program accountability today. 
  • There's also insight into model legislation for useful guidance in developing new programs, as well as a page paying tribute to all of the past winners of the John T. Walton Champions for School Choice Award, given every year to a person who displays a passionate commitment to helping kids.
But instead of reading about it, check it out for yourself? Head on over to for a brand-new experience. We think you'll enjoy what you see.

- American Federation for Children, MAG

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